The Little Cockroach: Children’s Adventure Series (Book 1) Kindle Edition



‘A hilarious children’s book starring two unlikely yet lovable critters full of action and adventure.’

The Little Cockroach is the first in a series of travel adventures that will teach children about other cultures and travel. The main character is a little cockroach called Pedro. He is brave, lovable and always looking for fun. Pedro loves Mexico but he wants to see the world. Amazing things happen to Pedro and his friend Enrico when they leave Mexico in search of adventure.

A bestselling story about determination, difference, bravery & freedom.

You and your children will read this over and over! Loved by babies, toddlers, pre-school children, adults and grandparents. It has been described as ‘having a place on the “children’s classics” shelf’.

The opening dedication is:

‘Try and you might, don’t and you certainly won’t’.

This ethos echoes throughout the book as they overcome ‘hitches’ with their cheeky and zany mishaps. The book demonstrates freedom and opportunity for the unlikeliest of mini beasts with the intention of making an unloved creature loved and hopefully less feared. Come and join Pedro and Enrico on their ‘Roach Trips as they discover the world.


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