Amazing Roach Facts

Cockroaches are the planets recyclers and could be instrumental to helping us solve climate change due to their useful ecological role. If we can grow to appreciate their potential and love them a little more these cheeky bugs could help the next generation tap into their potential.

Here are some amazing roach facts to help you on your journey to ‘Love The Roach’:

Roachie Fact 1

Cockroaches are the only earth being to have successfully bred in space. The first generation of cosmic cockroaches consists of 33 babies. They even mutated to get stronger.

Roachie Fact 2

A roaches brain is not just contained in it’s head, it runs down it’s body and to it’s bum.

Roachie Fact 3

The cockroach can live for a week without its head. Due to their open circulatory system, and the fact that they breathe through little holes in each of their body segments, they are not dependent on the mouth or head to breathe. The roach only dies because without a mouth, it can’t drink water and dies of dehydration.

Roachie Fact 4

The cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes, and can even survive being submerged under water for half an hour. They hold their breath often to help regulate their loss of water.

Roachie Fact 5

A one-day-old baby cockroach, which is about the size of a speck of dust, can run almost as fast as its parents.

Roachie Fact 6

Roaches are older than dinosaurs and are believed to have originated more than 280 million years ago.

Now you know more about roaches… how much do you Love The Roach?